Steven Rosenbaum Believes The Future of Video is Human-Centric.


Curation is an exhilarating, fast-moving, evolving idea that addresses two parallel trends: the explosive growth in data, and our need to be able to find information in coherent, reasonably contextual groupings. No one doubts that we’re shifting, as author Clay Shirky says, from an era of content scarcity to one of content abundance. And while that seems on one hand bountiful, it’s also quite impossible. Imagine trying to find a needle in a haystack. Now try to find that same needle in a thousand haystacks. Now, try to find three related needles in a billion haystacks. Yikes! If you think of those needles as words or ideas, forming a coherent sentence is flat out impossible. It’s in just such situations that curation comes to the rescue.


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Rosenbaum interviewed about Cory Booker's Waywire and 

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See how Curation is taming the world-wild-web.

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