Filmography (Executive Producer)

MSNBC Investigates


Beach Patrol     

Body Piercing    

Drug Street Sales




Look at Me: The Webcam Explosion     


Night Court     

Portland Street Teens     

Road Rebels     

Spring Break 2000 / Winter - Spring 2000     

Tattoos: Skin Deep     

The War on Rats     

Toga Party     

True Believers     

Who's Watching You

A&E: Inside Story



Crime Scene     

Underworld     S&M   


Women Boxers (Fight Like a Girl)     

Counter Terrorism     

Baby Beauty Queens     


Las Vegas Search and Rescue     

Life in a War Zone

A&E: Investigative Reports (& Biography)    


Trial By Television     

Private Police     

Adoption Vigilantes     

Cops on the Edge     

E.R.: The Real Drama   

 The New Skinheads     

Buffalo Bob Smith / Howdy Doody     

E.M.S.: Street Saviors     

Bombs: The Danger Next Door     

Animal E.R.     

Bad Judgment     

Death Detectives: Inside the L.A. Coroner's Office     

Vince Foster     

On Parole     

Kids Behind Bars (a/k/a Every Parent's Nightmare)   

 Swiss Banks and the Nazis (2 programs)     

San Francisco Vice     

Road Warriors (Bikers)     

Firearms Freeway     

Aftermath (Tornado)     

Teenagers Under the Gun (f/k/a Voices on Violence)     

The Junkie Next Door (a/k/a Girl Junkies)     

TABLOID: Inside the New York Post (f/k/a Making News)     

Blood on the Tracks     

Playing to Extremes (a/k/a Kids & Sports)     

Managing Your HMO


Stealing Wheels (a/k/a Car Thieves)     

Consumer Fraud (a/k/a Fake Charities)     

Hooked on the Odds (a/k/a Teen Gambling)     

Teen Models: Growing Up Fast (a/k/a Young Models)     

The Littlest Patient (a/k/a Neo Natal)     

Halfway House     

Cop Counselors     

Backyard Zoo (a/k/a Lion in My Backyard)

The Business of Death

Court TV: Crime Stories    


Criminally Insane (one hour)     

Miami Manhunt (one hour)     

Maximum Security (one hour)     

Crimes in the Name of God (one hour)

CBS I-Witness



Medical Interns

Till Death Do Us Part: Polygamy

Mall of America

Marine Mammals

Dome Village

Monster Trucks

Royal Hanneford Circus

The Geraldi Family

Birth of a Militia

Bluebird Cafe

Wilderness Quest



Teens and Dark Religion

Board Battles